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1984 Schwinn Traveler BB bearings
I need to know what size of bearings i need to get. I have a 1984 Schwinn traveler 12 speed. The chain rings have about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of play in them. And when I pedal the chain rubs on the front derailuer. Thanks in advance for all of your help.
1/4 usually, 11 ball bearings on each side, total 22 ball bearings...

Is that a adjustable cup-and-cone bearing or a cartridge one?
Being as old as it is I would think cup and cone. Got to wait for my neighbor to get home since he has the tools to take the crank arms off.
with that much play in the system - the cups and axle may be shot as well; in which case you have to decide between replacing with similar:
making sure to get the correct axle length !!!

or with a cartridge:
again making sure to get the correct axle length

The advantage of the cup and cone is that it is easy to rebuild, and inexpensive - and if it is re-greased regularily (say every 5K miles) and the play kept to a minimum - it will last may life times.

The advantage of the cartridge is that it is not serviceable, when it wears out, you replace it. Very quick.

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