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Getting to the freewheel bearings?
How do I get from this
[Image: DSC05597.jpg]
[Image: freewheel_hub.jpg]


[Image: 275653337.jpg]

The first picture is the model I have sachs LY 94. 8 speed 12-21.  I have the freewheel and cassette off the wheel like in the second picture  But I don't know if or how I can break it down to get to the bearings like in the third picture (I don't know that it is the same model but it looks real close).  I've seen some tips to just wash out the gunk with a solvent but I'd really like to get to the bearings.  The front of the flywheel has those four holes/dimples on the front.  Are they used in the breakdown process or do I have to separate the cogs on the cassette and is there an order?  At the moment everything is locked up REAL tight.  I'd probably have to use a cheater bar and I'm afraid I might do some damage.  Thanks
This may help
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