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Key lock frozen
Hello everyone.

My bike spent couple nights under a starry sky and in freezing temperatures. This morning I could not unlock the bike lock. It's ABUS bike lock with key. There are no visible signs of ice from the snow or any rust, nothing. Could it be frozen inside? Do I spray something in or just pour some hot water? Been using it for 6-7 months without any problems, no struggle unlocking.
Time for WD40 to shine?
Don't use WD40 on locks you want to keep using. It is not a lubricant. The WD stands for water displacement, that's erst it does. It then gums up and gets nasty and sticky.

Get some lock de-icer from the gas station or a car place or the DIY store. Some moisture from condensation inside the lock, which then froze.
For the lock to freeze, it must have had some water in it, perhaps condensate? I treat my locks with silicone spray. I don't know if that would prevent it from freezing, again, but it's worth a try. I live in Florida, so my locks don't freeze.
If I knew how to ride a bike properly, I'd do it every time.
Sorry for not replying with an update. I took Joe's advice back in November and got Lock De-Icer from the local store. And it did the work! Thanks, now I will know how to deal with these situations.

P.S. how did I remember to reply here? Because the lock froze once again Big Grin

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