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Shimano chain master link [Solved]
Hi. I have Shimano HG601 chain 11-speed and I want to add the master link to it.
Watched some videos but I have to be 100% sure, that is why I hereby present my brief plan:

1. there is a black link in the chain
2. I use the chain tool to push that black pin out
3. then I add the master link
4. finish up with using the special tongs to press that master link into the chain

Does this look like a green light?
close enough, you do not need the special pliars. connect on the bottom and give a quik tug by grabbing the chain on each side of the new link. Sometimes you may need the special pliars to remove it, but even then pinching the outer plates together and sliding works most of the time. If you have connected the chain before with a shimano break off the tab pin. do not break at that spot, leave it and go to a normal link for your break. do it so you end up with to inner links as the outer plates make up the quik link.
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