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Fender lights
As found on internet and should be shared; fender tail light modification:
The end result provides better light performance + does not bother panniers/bike bags + theft resistant.


- removing light clip
- drilling recess for M5 bolt
- spacing out with linear brake hardware
- securing with washer & nut
Hub generator + rack mounted tail light + a nice, bright Busch&Mueller front light.

The bike you describe has mudguards already, why not take advantage of newer technology. No batteries that can run flat, or be destroyed by the cold. Marginally increased rolling resistance is a really small price to pay for this convenience. I have a second front wheel with hub generator for both my road bike and my cyclocross bike, the one for the road bike has the light on the QR axle, the one for the cyclocross goes on the fork crown together with mudguards (winter and when not racing)

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