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Wheel/fender troubleshooting
I have a 1970s Orly that I found at a garage sale and I'm trying to get on the road. The back wheel rubs on the fender. I am able to adjust the wheel so that it does not rub, but when I put weight on it to ride, it rubs and gets stuck again. A couple of issues:

1. The fenders are attached with a bolt through the bottom of the braking system. It is completely integrated, so I'm not sure how to remove the fenders (to get rid of the rub and make it ride-able) without also replacing the brakes - or if that is even an option. ??

2. The wheels are attached with wing nuts, which is probably not very safe, but is this may be allowing the wheel to move when weight is applied? If so, would it help to change the axles?

3. I have already gone down 1/4" on the tire size, and the wheels are trued. The front wheel has been adjusted and is fine.

Any suggestions? I appreciate any help here - I'm really frustrated.
First off I would replace the wing nut with real nuts and lock or star washers. Second where is the tire rubbing on the finder at (Left or right side, front or back ends of the finder) Is the wheel straight or does it have a small warp to it.
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Hi Julia;

1st - definitely get rid of the wing nuts.

Immediately above the wing nut is the one of the fender mounts which is adjustable - it pushes the back of the fender out, or pulls it in. Looks like the fender could be pushed another ¼" backwards.

Where is the tire rubbing on the fender?

On the right side, push the wheel as far back as it will go, tighten the right side nut, then center the wheel in the frame, and tighten the left side; then finished tightening both sides. Next adjust the fender.

At the brake attachment point, most fenders have slots instead of round holes, so you can move the fender up and down there by loosening the nut holding the brake in place.

On another item, I strongly suggest that you replace the front brake with a dual pivot side pull, the brakes you have are scary. And replace your steel rims with aluminum rims; which will improve your braking.
Ok. So, definitely replace the wing nuts. I guess I don't have to replace the whole axle to do that, I can just get regular nuts that are the same size? My other bike is quick release, so I haven't had to replace nuts before.

The tire is rubbing on the left side near the brakes (the first photo). It is definitely rubbing the fender, not the brake pads. I can adjust the wheel so that it moves freely in the fender, but... then tighten everything and flip it over, get on to ride, and the wheel is apparently moving because it immediately starts rubbing again.

If I need to replace the brakes, I can take that route and ditch the fenders, because it is currently all connected. I'm just really trying to get on it to ride to see what other problems it might have. It's difficult to test everything when it won't roll.
(06-18-2013, 02:02 PM)FredS Wrote:  First off I would replace the wing nut with real nuts and lock or star washers. Second where is the tire rubbing on the finder at (Left or right side, front or back ends of the finder) Is the wheel straight or does it have a small warp to it.

The tire is rubbing on the left side near the brakes - shown in the first photo. The wheel is straight.
hi Julia;

on some bikes I have bent the fenders with pliers if it just local rubbing. works with metal fenders like you have, but not plastic like most have now.
If that is the only place like mfmisso said use a pair of pliers, I put some black tape on mine so I do not scratch the finish
Have fun and just enjoy the ride
As per wing nuts take one off and go to a bike store or a hardware store and see if you can find a nut of the same size and thread. Its not as easy as it sounds as there were so many different nuts.

As per fender , when you turn the bike upside down as you say and spin the wheel does it wobble or does it turn straight. You need to determine if your wheel needs truing first. The fender has a tab that fits on the same bolt that the brake fits on. So if you loosen that nut and the rear mounts you may be able to raise the fender a bit. You can slightly bend it like Nigel says if the wheel is straight and the fender is the problem.

If you chose to take the fender off you need to pull the brake bolt (keep it in the brakes and back the whole set up till you can get the fender tab off)and the rear mounts ( by axle) and take the fender off if you prefer.Than put the brakes back on.The rear fender mounts are neat, have not seen that before.

As per brakes for now replacing the pads would be a good start, than if you have braking issues you can get different brakes, suggest taking it to a bike dealer to at least get you the right size.

If those indeed are steel rims be careful when wet. If you really like the bike you can get a new set of wheels with SS spokes and aluminum rims. Basic set runs about $100-$150.
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