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Seat Post Creak
I have a 2007 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp with a black coated (painted) offset seat post. When riding I am hearing a significant amount of creaking from either the seatpost in the seat tube, or the attach bolt to the Body Geometry Seat. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to remedy this? I have checked the torques on all the fasteners and I believe I am near the high end on all of them. Please help.

I would try removing the seatpost and putting a light layer of waterproof grease inside the frame tube before reinstalling the post. If that doesn't work, lightly grease the threads on your seatpost bolt and any bolts under your seat.
Aluminum frames have been known to develop mysterious creaks over time. At worst you may have a hairline crack in the frame. Carefully inspect the area with a flashlight to make sure.

Alex may be right.
I had the same problem with an AL MTB after towing a tag along for a year. It drove me crazy trying to figure it out then one day removed the seat post and put a light smear of waterproof grease on it.
Has been fine for the last year.

I thought I had a creaky seat post on my <a href="http://www.aushiker.com/2007/11/chases-new-mods/">Giant CRX 1 flatbar</a> and then found out it was my BB when it pretty much fell apart :oops: I hope it is just the seat post for you.

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