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Clamping on to a carbon seat post
Can I clamp on to a carbon seat post (work stand) to perform routing maintenance?
I wouldn't, far too easy to break if you do something wrong (and then it'll be expensive + dangerous if you don't realize it before the next ride). Replace seatpost with an aluminum one for that.
Would probably better to go with what Joe said, but there is this option . Quite expensive if you asked me.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Ok thanks. I'm new at this. Need all the help I can get.
Alternatively, buy the cheapest non carbon seat post you can get your hands on and fit that when you want to put the bike on the work stand.

It needn't actually be a seatpost, but it's probably going to be difficult to find a piece of metal tube or wooden dowel the exact diameter of your seatpost.
Carbon Bikes are awesome for light weight, but sheese one has to treat it like a piece of glass when working on them. Pretty cool idea xerxes using the wooden dowel rod. Just make sure it is waterproof though.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I can use the stock seat post that came with the bike.

Can I use any kind of grease when putting the carbon seat post back on, or does it have to be something specific? The carbon post that I put on, came with its own grease.
If it came with its own "grease": use that. I wouldn't grease carbon stuff but rather use the stuff that is meant to increase the friction (it has some little particles in it) to reduce the clamping force needed.
Like carbon assembly paste...


[Image: 6320_i_1.jpg]

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