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Back peddling grinding noise
What's failing?
Under power I don't hear or feel anything unusual
But if I rotate the crank backwards I feel roughness and more noise than I believe is normal
I ride frequently with a headset on and haven't noticed this noise until a recent ride without the headset on
Back peddling isn't something I'm conscience of doing either until I first noticed that something is amiss

Can someone tell me what's failing?

Ive taken the rear wheel of and spun in both direction but can not detect anything unusual but maybe it needs weight on the wheel?
I've turned the crank in both directions with the wheel removed and I don't
feel anything or hear anything alarming?
Could also be the freehub/freewheel or pedals. I'm guessing the freehub since most other bearing assemblies would probably make noise spinning in either direction.
(01-14-2015, 01:34 PM)DaveM Wrote:  Could also be the freehub/freewheel or pedals. I'm guessing the freehub since most other bearing assemblies would probably make noise spinning in either direction.

Thanks for the quick response
I just cleaned up after tearing down the hub except for the free hub. I have to locate a tool I think I have to remove it. My guess it's those bearing held by the free hub that have failed. 18 bearings fell out of the side opposite the free hub and appeared to be functional. This is a shamani WHR561 wheel. I'm in the Rep of Panama. Remains to be seen if I can find parts or will have to order from the states
You've jumped the gun on what may have been a simple problem. Roughness when backpedaling can come from a variety of sources, including;

-The derailleur being slightly out of line with the cogs - does not show up as much when pedaling forward.
-A chain that is not running smoothly due to rust or gummed up lubrication
-Pulleys that have too much friction.
-Dirty freewheel/freehub (freewheels more often get dirty).
-Backpedaling when in a "cross-chain position (small-small or large-large combos).

All of those are relatively easy fixes, and it's very difficult without being there to tell what the specific problem is. The last thing you want to do in a remote area is start tearing things apart without knowing what the problem is. DO NOT disassemble the freehub. The 18 bearings, if 1/4 inch, probably came from BOTH sides of the hub.
It'll be abs. The pedal feels like its pushing back, it makes a crunching noise.

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