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Trek zx 7000
Hi everyone! Iam new to the site and my current bike project is a trek zx 7000 not sure the year of the bike as got it second hand.

If someone could help me with the stage iam at in stripping the bike down to the frame itself or direct me to the correct place to get the help needed thanks!

(the pictures include; the bike as I bought it minus the back wheel which was out of shot, chain and then centre piece which I dont know how to get off and the forks which Iam not sure if still ok to keep).
what size frame is it, I might be able to hook you up. I have one hangin around. I think mine is a 96' or 97'. Bonded aluminum very nice shape. Where are you located also?
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Im not sure on the frame size. That would be good thanks. Iam located in scotland, UK. Where are you from ? This is my first project and was hoping to use original frame, forks, wheels, handlebars.
Thanks for the reply!
I am across the pond Brother, here is mine, abit different year than yours. You better really love that to refurb it. You are looking at a few Hundred depending how you go about it.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Looking over your pics the best I can. It would be nice to have more info on what you have. (better close up shots). it looks like an stx rear derailleur but hard to tell. What are the stickers on the fork? the deep dish rims do not seem of era. the bars and stem I would think to be T-System and the wheels to be Matrix. If the shock is a Rockshox and feels dead, then dead it is (very hard to obtain parts). I take it that this the first time you are diving deep into a refurb? besides the hours, parts you will need. Do not forget about the tools you will need for such a task. Hard for me to recommend a stripper in your area, but I use what they call aircraft stripper for aluminum. if yours is bonded it should be okay if you work it soon after it loosens. First I would recommend
Define what you want the bike to be/do/purpose, when done.
what budget are you working with. (this will make or break the plans)
looking at the pics and not knowing what all is good or good enough for you, none the less will be costly. I take fully functional bikes like this all the time and it is nothing to throw a hun or two at them. I would think you could find a better slate to work with if you tried, but on the other hand it has never stopped me from it either ! lets see some detailed pics.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
And for a guess on the tools, that it appears you do not have based on the way the bike was disassembled: I think that you are looking at 200 to 300 for tools (US Dollars or Pounds). Bikes and tools are about the same price in the US in Dollars as they are in the UK in Pounds. If you can work at a bike co-op, you may be able to get away without purchasing as many tools.

Regarding the rear wheel: what do you mean "shot". Which part of it: rim, spokes, hub, cassette/freewheel? Even if part of the assembly in no longer use-able, there can be significant value in what is left.
I'd check out those forks before you do much else. One stanchion tube is sitting higher than the other which isn't a good sign. If they need to be replaced, could get a little pricey depending on what you use.

By the 'center piece you can't get off" do you mean the axle that holds the pedals? That is the "bottom Bracket" and you don't really need to take it out unless when you spin it it isn't smooth or if there is side to side play in the axle. But this is a sealed unit so nothing can be done to it except replace.

Overall, looks like you could get this rideable fairly easy. Full "restoration" would probably be expensive. But it all depends on what's needed. Figure you probably need a new chain, cassette, cables, brake pads, and maybe tires/tubes. Repacking the wheel and headset bearings definitely recommended. Beyond that?
First of all thanks everyone for their replys!
@painkiller, thats a lovely bike mate looks in incredible condition. For the bike iam not looking to refurb it to original standard would just like to see it cyclable. For budget iam willing to spend on neccessary parts/tools though make take a few months then. I will get better pictures and close ups of any branding on the parts in the next couple of days as where iam just now by the time iam finished work it is dark already. And yeah thats it, I got the bike for free so quite happy to just stick at it even it does take a good while and a lot patience.

@nfmisso, For tools I could take a picture of my collection so far and see what you could suggest. The rear wheel is fine sorry I just meant that it isnt in that picture.

@DaveM, yeah I had noticed that with the forks and thought it wasnt a good thing. and yes bottom bracket sounds right thanks. I was more thinking of getting it off if I was going to painting the bike myself in the restoration of the bike. Definitely new chain, cables, brake pads and tires/tubes.

And to anyone who feels strongly on this, what do people think if I was to restore the bike with some parts that may not of been used for the original and paint it a colour scheme of my own ?
Before you paint, you need to remove the headset, bottom bracket, rear derailleur, and seat clamp from the frame.

You need to mask the brake bosses, seat tube, head tube, BB tube. Get some set screws to put in all of the smaller threads on the bike, or you chase the threads with a tap afterwards.

Are you going use powder coat or liquid? Powder is much more durable, and with a TIG welded aluminum frame there are no fancy details to hide.
Let your imagination run wild and do what you want with it. You will be in deep so it should be what you want. No worry's. I am on other end of the spectrum as far as powder coating (Tree hugging B.S. in my book). But is cheaper. I would not say better,(different) at least for me the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to bicycles.
For a less expensive facelift why not.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Yeah I need to concentrate on stripping the bike completely down first before the paint but I like the idea of it when I get to the stage and want to try something unique as the bike most likely wont have all original parts anyway. For the paint il be using I havnt looked into it enough to comment on what iam leaning towards. Have they better detailed pictures up either today or tommorow!
Thanks guys!
I have not touched my ZX either, it it just as I bought it. Matter of fact it came home on the same trip as the Hardrock I am working on. Both from the great state of Texas!
The ZX of mine is still sporting the original tires. Shock is still supple and works as intended. Just needs a good "Fluff and Buff". new pads, cables/housing, tubes/tires ans its ready to roll! The only ride ever took on it my Daughter took this action selfie shot with her phone! ha. Smile
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Ah rite, I thought your zx was a completed project.
Here is the detailed photos I got of my zx, let me know if there is anything else that would help to get a picture of
yep looks like it was STX equipped. Red bars, Black bars, What color will they be in the next pic? Ha. If you want it nice and almost new and dependable again, I would replace the derailleurs, chain, cassette. Dunno what kind of shifters you have but probably those too. Here are some pics of what alloy looks like after being run thru a Pangborn media blaster. Sorry I only have the small sample at the moment but you can get an Idea of what a frame would look like if done this way and left raw. That is if you have someone in your area that has the machine big enough to put a frame in. Is your rear hub for 7 or 8 speed? either way you can get new Alivio components that would do you nice for a rebuild. Similar to the pods in these pics on the cheap.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
haha yeah I know, I painted they handle bars black to put them on a carrera fury I use just now but it put the balance of the bike off. And definetely going to change derailleurs, chain and cassette, shifters, brake/gear cables. Have new brake levers sitting for this bike. Dont think there will be much that will be kept now thinking of it, but it can just be a long project if it has to its my first one so I can take my time.
And for the pangborn media blaster, is this a initial coat before the colour or after ?
Also merry christmas painkiller and nfmisso hope yous had a good one!
"And for the pangborn media blaster, is this a initial coat before the colour or after ? "
It is not used a paint stripper. It will pound away at anodized parts such as your red bars. I use it to surface Alloy to a Satin lustre and prefer to leave raw. It can go to paint however, or simply clearcoated. Like the example in the picture, it has been left "raw". On my builds I incorporate what I call "Balance and Symmetry". Simply put, the balance of Components/Color/Finishes (high,Low,Fore,and Aft) of the bike. This creates a finished bike that looks and performs as though its the way it should be. Not a mix of hodge podge this and that because it was cheap. Though may function just does not look right. Most of the bikes I sell nowadays are 15yrs or older. It is "Balance and Symmetry" along with solid bikes and components that make people want them. The bike then will sell its self.
In your case I thought you may like to see an alternative to paint. I do have a bonded aluminum frame slated for this finish around Feb. 2015. You could get a better idea of the finished frame but may be to late for your time.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Yeah now I understand the media blaster, finally haha. Definetely a good option, thatll be good to see a full frame blasted. That is exact same idea I had when thinking of re selling any bikes, I also thought of coming up with a logo to paint onto every finished bike for a more unique touch and also to be able to pull a bike full of random parts more together as one bike.
I want to move to amsterdam in 2016 and I think if I could get a start here with bikes then it would be a good skill to have to potentially start a business in amsterdam with the bikes.
there ya go! They say it all starts with one vision and one bike. That would be totally awesome. Here some pics of some stuff from Black Sheep cycles based in the US. just a couple guy's with a dream and a vision (not to mention mad skills) functional art at its finest. check out the site for more inspiration
you can even see where they use a pangborn type etching on some of the surfaces. They have custom clad headbadges for each model. nice stuff and some food for thought
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
haha wow!! some of their bikes are crazy, but goes to show it can definetely happen a very good looking establishment theyve made. I have signed up to try and join a project happening near me for training in a bike repair shop so hopefully hear back soon as that would help alot! Had really bad weather here just now so not had much chance to work on the trek as I do it outside.
Wow! Never heard of these guys but they are putting together some real cool looking bikes. I like the pangborn etching. I am thinking about getting a frame and building a Fixie, Going raw metal could be an option!
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