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Old Peugeot First Post (Questions)
[attachment=5439]Here are pictures of my Wife's (Previously my Mom's) Gitane
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll put that down on the list of things to do.. It's growing!

(10-25-2014, 10:18 AM)painkiller Wrote:  Cool ole bike! I would recommend that your front brake barrel adjuster be spun down so you have a couple threads showing from the bottom, it will be less likely to break.
The green one is what they call a "Mixtie". uni-sex not just for girls. I find these alot on the cheap. I just clean a bit, leave them untouched and they are easy flips in the $100 to $200 range. There seems to be kind of a Cult following for them. I sold one earlier this year to a guy that was moving to Chicago IL. He said he has friends that all have them up there. So if you got it on the cheap, know that the money, within reason, you put in you will not lose much if any no matter how long you own it. sound bike from that perspective for sure.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
I shouldn't be putting a lot of $$ in them.... As long as original equipment is working good.... We wouldn't be able to take advantage of it anyway....
As far as I can tell, other than a new axle system on my front wheel, and ball bearings for wheels & Crank, and new BB Pulleys in the derailleurs on both bikes, That, and a nice cleaning is all that is 'planned' during the winter months.

10-15 years ago I put new rims, and new headset bearings on my bike, and I did new tires and pedal, chain & Derailleur re-lube on both bikes this year...

I'm debating on attempting to fix a slight contact spot on one rim of Gitane.. but I think that will depend on how stir crazy I get later on this winter... It's minor...

I do have one issue I'm concerned over...
Gitane has Cottered Crank...
I may attempt removal, but if Cotter Pins don't "give", I may just back off the adjustment side of crank, squirt in some fresh grease, and call it a day, as it turns smoothly now with no play....

Regarding the pictures I posted.... and vintage of the bikes...
It could be that the Peugeot is a U09, but catalogs then place it at 1978 which pre-dates the decals...
Gitane is a Mixte and catalogs that show this seem to be 1968, but don't have green as a color. If the serial number on frame means anything, it may point at 1968 as it is stamped: 8 1290

But, they work... so: What, Me Worry? Smile!

Thanks for any input...
I may have come across something to narrow down the MFG date of the Peugeot.

Deep in cleaning mode, I was polishing the hubs with a long strip of towel, and saw something marked on the Hub.... It might be a Date Code of MFG????

The Front hub is labeled: "Normandy P 50 79" and the rear hub is labeled: "Normandy P 01 81"

Bike labeled "Made in France" Not Canada, I bought the bike in a Suburb of Chicago the Summer of 1982.

Prior examinations of catalogs and pictures I found something regarding the Spoke protectors behind the gears going from Chrome to Plastic (I have plastic) in 1980-81.
I believe this narrows date of MFG to 1981?
Further examination reveals that the Weinmann Peugeot branded brakes were made:
Front: Sept 1979 (9-79) and
Rear: Nov 1979 (N-79)
Thanks for sharing the post.

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