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Mountain Bike on Trainer
I am VERY new to biking. I have a Trek 800 MB from I think 2000. I bought a trainer and want to get a trainer tire for it but have no idea what I need to look for sizewise..... I'm also wondering if for ease I'd want to get another wheel with the tire on that wheel for quick changes?

Suggestions appreciated!!!

This: http://sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html has a chart near the bottom that talks about what size tire can go on what rim.

Most mtn bikes can take anything from a 1.5" tire to a 2.125". For a trainer, you just want something with very smooth tread and fairly cheap since the trainer will wear it out.

You can get a whole extra wheel to make swapping easier, but it's fairly expensive unless you can find something matching new.

Unless you plan to ride on dirt, you can just get some road style tires and ride them on the trainer and on the road.
A wheel like this one:

STONGLY recommend trueing, tensioning and stress relieving the spokes before use. See Sheldon Brown Wheelbuilding. Low end wheels IMHO are fine, except that they are not finished.

Tires: http://www.amazon.com/Nashbar-Slick-City-Tire/dp/B004UMFBL2/

cheap and very smooth.

You'll also need a skinny tube, and rim strip.

The Nashbar Slicks are GREAT on pavement (wet or dry) too, okay on dry dirt; not so good in sand and mud.

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