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Need 3x6 sram grip gearshifters for a magna eletroshock 18speed mountain bike
hey i been looking around online for gear shifters for my 18 speed mountain bike that im doin as my senior project and i just remember i need a stem for it too any ideas where i can either go or call for the parts the old ones somehow shattered when i went to the right gears the shifters assembly just went to heck on me and are usable period
southern pride
The vast majority of my new bike parts come from Amazon or Niagara Cycle Works. Both stock 3x6 grip shifters.

Sets are 3x6, 3x7 or 3x8. If you are replacing the shifters, you could replace the freewheel at the same time with a 7 speed, and convert it from a 3x6 to a 3x7.....
thank you but how did you find it tho ive tried so much but I couldn't find the right ones
southern pride
Look, read, research, experience.

Amazon has almost every kind of bicycle part imaginable. Their website information is not always created by knowledgeable bike people, so sometimes you have to expand the parameters a bit to find what you want. Niagara Cycle Works is harder to search, and has some more esoteric items.
ok thank you for that intel so I know where to go faster for parts
southern pride
You can find so many parts on several sites, here I found few of them for you.

thank you
southern pride

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