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How do I change cranks on my cruiser?
I need to know how to change the cranks, bearings and sprocket on my single speed cruiser. I also could use some info on exactly which tools I need to have for the job.
A video tutorial would be awesome. But basic instructions would help a lot.<br />
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help

It depends on what type of crank you have - 1 piece or 3 piece. Can you post a picture?
3 piece is more common and used on almost all multi speed bikes. On a 1 piece crank, the two crank arms are made of a single piece that bends and goes through the frame. On a 3 piece, the arms are separate and bolted to an axle that goes through the frame.
Are you replacing everything for maintenance reasons or trying to change something?

It's a one piece crank common to old schwinn style cruisers. And yes I am replacing everything for maintenance reasons.

I'll add one-piece crank overhaul to the list of video requests!

Here's a quick overview:<br />
http://bikeoverhaul.blogspot.com/2006/08/removing-one-piece-crank-from-frame.html<br />
(watch out that the illustrations are out of order)<br />
Note that the left pedal and the left side nuts on the BB are reverse thread. Other than that, it's very straight forward.

hi .. well I have ordered a one piece crank, and now realize I have a 3-piece .. is there any way to replace a 3-piece with a one piece?? I doubt it ..

The crankset in the pictures is a one piece.

it is? thank you - I will watch the blog posted above to change it - great news!!

(06-13-2009, 05:49 PM)Charlie007 Wrote:  hi .. well I have ordered a one piece crank, and now realize I have a 3-piece .. is there any way to replace a 3-piece with a one piece?? I doubt it ..

Why do you want to change out your crank on that bicycle all you need to do is clean it up and maybe a new set of bearings and cups. The one piece crank are nice for a cruisers bike. I am building one but have took to long to get it done now with that pic of yours I want to finish it and I will try but I have to paint my old 10 speed bicycle first this spring after that who knows it may be another year or two. Give me a brake I'm getting old now days lol and I am trying to keep my wife happy as well thats a job all by its self :-)
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.

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