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Hard riding bike?
For years I rode a Huffy mountain bike two miles to work and then home. Don't remember the model number but it was a solid frame, 21 speed, 26" bike that rode like a dream and never made me tired. Last month it was stolen.

Then a few weeks back someone gave me a Mongoose RX-75 26" bike, same 21 speeds (same sprocket teeth numbers in fact), fully suspended. It is in very nice shape, nevertheless, I took it into my garage and spent a day lubing it and doing all the proper adjustments I could think of (while I'm no bike scientist, I'm a pretty good mechanic). I set the saddle adjustments and bars to fit me, checked the derailleurs and wheel bearings and so on. On my bike stand, the thing runs beautifully.

But I find it quite hard to ride! Even using my favorite gear choices it makes my legs tire quickly, and I feel hip pain when I finish a ride. So I tried several saddle types from flat standard to the nose-less type. I find the nose-less type most comfortable, but it didn't help the ride any. I also didn't like the bounciness of the rear shock/spring. So I removed it and put in a solid strut. That didn't help or hurt (though the bike feels stronger with it). This Mongoose is noticeably heavier then my last bike, but not so that it would seem to make much difference.

So for you guys that ARE bike scientists, am I overlooking anything about setting up these Mongooses?

Thanks for any suggestions!
Given that the wheel bearings, BB, RD bearings and chain are in good shape, tires are the biggest cause of drag and can completely change the feel and amount of effort required.

Then comes the relative positions of the saddle, cranks and handle bars with respect to gravity. Those three points define a triangle, and how that triangle is oriented with respect to gravity makes all the difference in which muscles you are using.
Yep, tires. Do the new tubes have slime sealant in them? I also notice some heavier bikes require more effort.
Well, it's got what I assume are the original tires (they have the Mongoose label on them), and I don't really like them. They still have almost all of their tread, but actually, they feel and look a bit flat (while I'm sitting on the bike) even when they are fully inflated!! They also make a lot of noise that I can feel in my spine, if that makes sense. So maybe that's it. I'll think about getting some others.
tire noise - more energy required by rider.

I have Kenda 26 x 1.5 (40-559) on my GT; quiet and easy rolling with good flat protection - even better with a liner and thorn resistant tube.
4:30 AM. Are you in China or just up early?!
(01-03-2014, 07:43 AM)1FJEF Wrote:  4:30 AM. Are you in China or just up early?!
In SJ, woke up in the middle of the night, went back to sleep afterwards.
Most of my life I was a musician. You tend to sleep days an wake nights. It becomes ingrained. Besides around here, most of the best television is on in the early mornings!

I'll check out that website on the tires. Thanks!
In addition to tires, full suspension will eat some energy (you don't get something for nothing) and seat postion that is incorrect both in height and fore-aft can rob you of both comfort and efficiency.
Agree with above posts, also this bike ships at 44lbs. 10-15lbs. over what you're use to. Having owned a couple of these boat anchors and starting out on rigid Huffy myself the transition is a hard one. Get rid of this bike IMO. or at least find a frame and transfer gear. Old rigid Huffy frames are a dime a dozen. Got two in the back yard right now. They were free.
Yea, as I mentioned, I already got rid of the rear suspension (swapped the spring/shock for a light strut), but I didn't realize this puppy was THAT heavy! Unfortunately, I'm quite poor and was glad to see this one come along.

Right now as I ride it, I get a sense that the tires are the present biggest problem, so I'll start saving up for something better. Thanks!
Talking(typing) about old Huffy's has got me to dig the project bike out of the back yard and do a resurrection. May go single speed, may go 2by5, maybe 1by7. IDK yet.
When I was in my 20's(39 now) I got on my first serious health kick. Was lifting weights hard and heavy and jogging. Being overweight and only getting bigger lifting, the knees were not liking all this running. The solution was sitting at a garage sale I drove by, a Huffy hard tail mountain bike. 30 bucks later I was riding. Lived at the bottom of the hilly part of town, had 5 roads 6 blocks long at 25-30 degree slope to choose from. Rode that Huffy religiously for two years up and down them hills. Don't know how that puppy was geared, must of had granny low cause I never left the seat. Ah, the good ol days. Sold that bike to get a full suspension mongoose, big mistake. Anyway, thanks for the push...

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