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Truing Bladed Spokes Correctly
I have a pair of Bontrager Race rims and Bontrager Aero Rims. I was wondering if bicycle tutor is ever going to do a video on the correct procedure to true "bladed spokes". I know they can be tricky. Thanks for all your assistance

There's really not anything different about truing bladed spokes that round ones. What I think concerns some people is that as they adjust the spoke, they can see that it twists a little and the blade is no longer lined up with the rotation of the wheel. This twisting actually happens on all spokes, it's just much harder to see on normal spokes.
You have two options. One is to make the desired adjustment on the spoke (1/4, 1/8 turn etc.) after it stops twisting and then turn back just enough to get the blade lined up again. Or you can use a adjustable wrench to hold the bladed portion straight as you adjust the nipple. Cover the wrench with a rag or something soft to make sure you don't scratch the spoke.
When truing wheels with round spokes, you should actually try to "back off" the twist as well. If you leave the spoke twisted during truing, it will tend to rotate back to normal as you ride and throw off your truing work. It also puts extra, unwanted tension on the spoke that could lead to breakage.
As with any wheel, if the spoke is twisting a lot when you try to adjust and it's difficult to actually get the nipple to rotate on the threads, try dripping some chain lube into the nipple from both ends (spoke side and tire side). It's very possible to break a spoke from excessive twisting.


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