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Difference between aero elliptical spokes and aero bladed spokes?
Can anyone explain the difference between the 2 spokes? I've got hold of some spokes, and both ends are round (like standard round spokes) but the middle part is flat.

Thank you
I just got my digital tire gauge for my bike. See through here:
Nice gauge. Do not drop it. I have read many tests in motorcycle magazines and consumers union indicating that good quality USA made pencil gauges were sufficiently accurate, within 1-2 psi, and do not need to be re calibrated after being dropped. Cost a lot less too. YMMV.........Syracuse and Camel brands were good.......
Never Give Up!!!
(07-01-2014, 07:30 PM)machinebros02 Wrote:  bladed:

Thank you for the pictures but they both look the same to me. What is the difference between the 2? My spokes are standard round at both ends and flat in the middle. Please see attached picture and advise.

Thank you
That looks like a bladed spoke. On "elliptical" spokes the center section is oval, on "bladed" they're flat. Both would be round at the ends where they attach to rim and hub.

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