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Bicycle Touring and Camping
Hey Guys,
My wife and I are ready for that next big adventure. We have done a couple century rides along with some short rides around our town and have gotten bored.
We were thinking of getting some camping gear(already have some) and touring our state with our bicycles and without burning any gas to get to the destination. We have a couple one wheel trailers to hook behind our bikes, but are not sure how to pack light enough to do this.
What bike would be the best for this type of touring? We have mountain bikes and a road bike each that we ride all the time. I know to bring some extra tubes and even some foldable tires, tools, pump... just in case, but what else??
I know we need a tent(have a 4 man). I don't believe I could get my feet in a 2 man(6'-4" tall). As far as the eating, I talked to a couple that said it was easier to eat out than carry all that weight in food.
Anyone done this??... Please Help??
Awesome !!.... Thanks !!!!!!!!!
I believe we have all the gear ready and are looking forward to our first tour/camping trip on our bicycle's. Just have one question though:
Where can I put a couple extra spokes or what can I put them in so they will be safe from getting bent??
Also, do they make lightweight socket wrench/tools so I can take the tools without all the weight??
Something like this
Hi FredS here, as I can not get my old sign-on to work and have not had any luck at getting the password reset; I have started over with this sign-on.
(08-31-2013, 06:06 PM)!TREK4ME! Wrote:  ...
Where can I put a couple extra spokes or what can I put them in so they will be safe from getting bent??

Touring bikes often have a tube attached the left chain stay, closed at one end, with a cap on the other to hold extra spokes.

Others use this: http://www.amazon.com/FiberFix-Emergency-Spoke-Replacement-Kit/dp/B001GSMQZC/
You guys are the BEST !!!.... Thanks Nigel !!!!... I didn't know they had anything like this... don't have to bring the tool chest, now.
Yee Haaa !!!!!!!
Thanks again !!!!!!!!!!
That sounds like a really good idea.Just take the lightest and least amount of items you can,you may have to purchase a few things en-route as you discover what you need.The one thing I would be concerned with is safety and by that I mean protection.I would carry a small caliber handgun or at least a powerful mace.Don't want to scare you but there are some mean people out there.
This is a... what shall I say without insulting anybody... very American response...
Sorry, I guess the "not insulting bit" did not work out as planned. No, I'm not going to discuss the benefit of being allowed to carry a gun with anybody. Here in Europe we are quite safe without stuff like that, thank you.

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