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Rural Touring
Let's talk about adventures that we have had, or dreamed of, that involve bicycles and casual, long-distance.
Let's also talk about the bikes; the racks; the chain lube and PowerBar's. Thirst and leaky tents, too!

I've ridden portions of the KATY Trail, in Missouri USA, on a few occasions but they were daytrips for the most part. This year, I am planning a 4 Day - 3 Night trip with several friends. I think it will be great! We can get to the KATY from here in north-central Arkansas in just at 3 hours with a food stop.

I look forward to not having to follow a schedule or hear a phone ring. I want to find a post card that says "The weather is here! I wish you were beautiful ". I look forward to eating great food cooked in a 'real' restaurant that only seats 17 and sleeping under the stars on a cloudless night. I want to visit a vineyard for a wine-tasting at 10 am. Maybe Noon? Smile

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I'm planning to do a Cross Florida charity ride toward the end of summer. The ride goes from Daytona Beach on the East coast to Tarpon Springs on the west coast. The ride is right at 200 miles and goes from Friday morning through Sunday. I have been training for it since November and hope to be ready by the time the ride is here. It's open to all levels of riders and all types of bikes, but from what I have been told, almost all the bikes that are on this ride are road bikes.
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RobAR; The KATY trail heh? That would be kewl riding along the Missouri river. But I am sure there are equally kewl trails in Northern Ar-Kansas. I have gone on camping and fishing trips along the White River portion of the Lakes. Water is so clear you can see the fish follow your lure back to the boat. Smile

Mountain Home is a place I used to hear about when I was in the USAF. Are you former military?

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