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Dent in aluminum frame. Will it still be usable?
Acquired a full tri-bike, 650c wheels/aero bars and all. Only problem is that the relative gave up the bike (and triathlons in general) after a nasty crash on a training ride. I will probably turn this bike into a single speed if its still usable. Just looking for some opinions on the durability of the bike.
scary dent, given that it is aluminum, scrap or turn into a sculpture to hang on your wall. Not for riding.
(08-04-2013, 01:16 PM)nfmisso Wrote:  scary dent, given that it is aluminum, scrap or turn into a sculpture to hang on your wall. Not for riding.

Dang. Well thank you for your input, a little bummed out but at least now I've got everything to build up a solid bike. Time to start searching for a cheap frame that'll fit 650 wheels...
Yeh......... DOA. Theoretically repairable by cutting and welding, but not practical or cost effective.

Nashbar has a good selection of frames:

Never Give Up!!!

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