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3 or 8 speed conversion Trek pure aluminum trike
I have a single speed trek pure aluminum trike and know some previous models were sturmey archer 3 speed. I really want to add a 8 speed and if not possible 3 speed. am also considering the nuvinchi N360. Wish someone could tell me which model # will work. I have 5.75" inside diameter to work with. I want something durable and reliable. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
The critical dimension is the O.L.D. of the hub. http://www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_n-o.html#old

Standard sizes now are 130mm and 135mm - you need to measure your current hub and get the same , then build up a new wheel.
I was looking for an internal 3 to 8 speed hub. I need the hub to have 2 sprockets as that is what is on my trike now. I would prefer an 8 speed if possible. Just not sure which model hub to choose. 135mm would fit as it is 5.4", under the 5.75 I measured.
You are going to have to provide us with some detailed pictures of the rear hub area to assist you on this. The drive train for trikes is a bit different from bicycles.
My trike is a 3 wheel with one solid 5/8" keyed rear axle. I would prefer an 8 speed hub however a 5 or 3 speed hub would work. I need an internal hub with 2 sprockets. I enclosed a pic of a trike with a 3 speed hub. Mine has one single axle as the picture shows 2 axles.
I have exactly the same question. I am trying to buy a single speed Trek Pure Trike but don't want to buy it if I can't have at least 3 speeds. Looking for help. I have the Trek part number for the hub but it has been discontinued. Have no way to cross reference. It is Trek #291164 but I don't think that helps much. Any help would be appreciated.
I found this picture:

[Image: trike_2_2.jpg]

The drive train looks to be very non-standard and probably difficult to alter or adapt.
That's the one. The bike shop I am getting it from says they can do it. I have my doubts which is why I am running around trying to make sure or see what I can do if they can't.

That picture BTW amazes me. I wouldn't want to be that hard on the frame of a trike.
The Torker conversion kit works on this bike. I had it done. Now I have another dilemma: Trek is NOT supporting these trikes even though I just bought it. Im furious. What would I do should the axle breaks. I cant even find the part number.
An idea look on auction sites using the keyword to the part you are looking for. Some do put the part number in with the description and some don't.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I just found this site and this thread. I currently have a Trek Pure Trike that has had a 5 speed Sturmy-Archer hub added to it. I also put road slick tires on it and a lower handlebar, road bike seat and spd pedals. My coach is building me a lighter, more stable trike that will be more suited to racing (I do triathlons), so I would be interested in selling this one. If anyone here is interested, or knows someone who would be interested, you can pm me. I am including a picture of it. The original tires, handlebars, pedals and saddle are still available if you prefer them.
Nice looking trike. I have a Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike. I was going to mod the single speed to a 3speed, but I really never got any answers that I needed so I just abandoned the idea. Was also looking at trying to change the front single crankset to a 3ring system as well as putting a 5-6-7spd freewheel system on the back but lol it was a pipe dream!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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