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BB? 1999 Schwinn moab
i believe i need to change my BB, when i pedal on a hill or pedal with power i hear a creaking sound. ive checked my handle bars, pedals as recomended in another thread.

does any one know a suitable replacement BB?

i also want to replace 1 ring( the biggest one) on the chain ring.. should i ? or should i just replace the whole crank set?

i would like to have a bigger gear when i put the fD to "3"

would i need to replace my chain as well?


can any one tell me about this bike. i havent found much about it online.

just know its and aluminum frame and has 24 gears.
1999 Schwinn moab
on the back of the crank arm there is a model number it should like "fc-m590". what does yours read?. then spec the crank model for the proper Bottom bracket. You may have a hollowtechII type. as far as putting a bigger outer chainring you will need the Bcd of the ring. then shop for a ring, most do not change to much bigger rings on mega9 type drivetrains. what they are is what they are. I would only recommend a 2 tooth difference for the most normal setup and performance. Need to know exactly what we are dealing with first
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In addition to PK's information:

Chain - yes you will need a longer one.
FD - may or may not be able to accept larger chain rings.

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