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Jobs in Cycling
I've been thinking for months about what I want to do with schooling and also somehow incorporating cycling. I've been a machinist for a bit over 3 years now and am shifting my focus towards engineering, most likely mechanical at Western Michigan University. I've done a little bit of research myself and found some postings and videos from international manufacturers like Specialized, Trek, and Scott. These postings have reinforced my pursuit of engineering. The schooling is going to take some time so I'm hoping to feel out what the industry is like so I know what I'm up against/getting into.

Any thoughts, experiences, or information that will help me would be appreciated.
Very nice way to go! Smile. Some options are tool companies too like Park Tool Wink who makes the tools for all the new accessories, state of the art changes, etc. there are many options if this is the route you wish to follow. As far as opening a bike shop well that's a different story that some here can tell you.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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