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Derailleur hanger for Trek SU100
Hello all, newbie with a specific part question. Biking in the Minnesota winter and my Derailleur snapped right off the bike. The hanger was broken into two pieces. It being a holiday and me not having transportation I wanted to order a replacement as quickly as possible, but I can't be completely sure the piece is what I want because Trek has an atrocious website and my SU100 is no longer a model in production. The 7.2FX is a similar model with a hanger that looks similar (Trek part #230026) but I'd rather be sure I'm getting a piece that will fit than shooting in the dark. Anyone know Trek bikes enough to help me find the right piece? Or know of any web sites which could help?

Thanks all for your (potential) help!
wheels manufacturing will have most any hanger. if you have to contact them or put your bike model in the search box and pick it out. You will find they are not cheap but once you have the number you need you can try to find it cheaper elsewhere
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Thanks, I've checked the site out. I think I looked at it earlier. No variation of SU100 (SU-100, SU 100) finds a hanger and none of the Trek hangers have the SU100 listed as a compatible bicycle.
Try here: http://derailleurhanger.com/index.htm
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