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Chain Stuck Between Gears
Hi, and thanks for viewing this thread. I hope someone can help me.

My chain got stuck in between two of the gears on the 'pedal side'.

[Image: photo140gu.jpg]

I've tried pulling hard on the chain and trying to wedge the chain out between the gears, but I think it's stuck. Any more force and I'm afraid I would warp the gears (even more) or bust the chain.

My only other idea is to separate the individual gears. This way, the chain would be able to simply fall out from between the gears. My problem with this is that I don't know how to (or if it's even possible). Below are pictures with the things holding the individual gears together (pictures from front and behind). I've tried using Allen wrenches (both customary and metric) but the groove in the thing holding the gears together is too shallow and rounded to get a grip.

[Image: photo143k.jpg]
(In the above picture, the gear cover is on. I took it off when trying the Allen wrenches)

[Image: photo141nn.jpg]

Thanks again for any help!
I would try some sort of lubricant first before resorting to trying to remove a chainring. That is not easily done.

If you can keep it securely engaged on the teeth of the current ring and after lubing attempt to turn the pedals forward it might work.
Like RB said add some lube, oil. Then as shown in the first picture slip a flathead screw driver between the chain and the valley between the two teeth . Apply a little pressure while tugging on the chain. Sounds archaic and mid evil but it works. I have done it a few times myself.
You may have to go to different valleys and angles but trust me it works.
After this you may wanna get to the source of the problem of why it did it in the first place. Definitely replace or clean up the chain. Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thanks. Will update you guys in about a week when I have a chance to work on it.
Until then you can put the oil on it to set in Wink
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
The middle chainring is probably already a little bent anyway. That is what let the chain fit between it and the inner ring. Use a big screwdriver and flex it enough to get the chain out. Once the chain's free, push it down inside of the inner chainring so you can spin the cranks freely. You'll probably be able to see the wobble in the chainrings where they're bent. On steel rings you can actually bend these back to straight if you work slowly and carefully. There's always the risk of them bending again under heavy load and the only real fix is to get a new crank. But you may be able to get quite a bit more mileage out it though.

Oil your chain too. It will wear out way faster riding it dry

good luck
Using a flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the sprockets apart and pliers to pull the chain, I managed to get it dislodged.

Thanks to all for your advice. I examined my bike with a discriminating eye and saw many things that needed to be tuned or replaced (e.g. misaligned gears/derailleurs, and dirt and rust everywhere). Thanks for your resourceful website!

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