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BB stuck
Hi again! Smile

I had some problems on my MTB suntour BB recently, first it made some noise, than it started wobbling, so I decided to replace it. It is a 68/122.5 sealed square tapered BB, so I bought the same thing just a Shimano.

I tried to remove the non drive side, no luck it is stuck, I tried to remove the drive side and it came off very easily, the sealed BB was open, the ballbearings rolled out and the plastic ring that holds the ballbearings in place was torn (so I guess it was a good decision to open it up).

I tried to remove the other side without any luck (for over an hour now), it is stuck. I don't have a pipe to extend my tool. The whole cartridge outside case is still inside, so applying any kind of fluids to soften up the BB is kinda difficult (and I don't even know what I should use). The cartridge case is thick and long, so I don't really see a way to cut it up.

I think the BB was a 73/122.5 and they tried to wrench it on really hard, so that it fits. I checked the measurements, contacted the manufacturer, read the users manual etc. it is definitely a 68.

My only idea was to ask my FLBS to help me remove it, but I hope you guys might be able to help me out with an idea.
I actually took it to a local shop myself, for me it was around the corner, rather than damage the threads. They had a special tool to do this. You can use liquid wrench and soak it over night, you can heat the outside with a heat gun . Another thing to do is to make a tool out of all thread with large washers and nuts on either end you can than sandwich your tool (one washer on l one on rt with tool in between to hold tool tight than use a hammer to loosen bracket.


Check this site for tech info and archived info.
Never Give Up!!!
Thank you for the reply! It helps greatly and I appreciate it a lot! :-)
I checked that site already (along with many others). I have even seen the "thread+washers" sandwich tool in a youtube clip, I highly doubt that it would work in my case, but the liquid wrench thing should do the trick, I suppose.
I searched the web for the stuff and I highly doubt that it exists here in Germany. I will try to go to a few bike shops which sell WD40 and ask for advice.

What is your opinion about the "automatic transmission fluid combined 1:1 with acetone" mix I have heard so much good about? My girlfriend has surely some acetone lying around (nail polish) and I probably can find some transmission fluid nearby.

Quick edit:
I have found this thread:
and I guess this answers my question above quite well. :-D

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