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Crank Arm Stuck
Hi all,
My first post on here, I'm after some advice please. I need to replace my bottom bracket so set about taking the crank arms off. I got a crank arm tool and the left side came off easily. Then I screwed the crank arm tool in to the right side arm, started tightening it up and it started pushing back out of the crank arm. So basically now I have a crank arm stuck fast on to the BB, but the threads on both the crank arm tool and the crank arm are completely mashed. What are my options? Angle grinder, and add a new crank arm on to my bottom bracket order too?!
Thanks in advance...
20-20 hindsight, sounds like the crank removal tool did not get fully seated in the crank arm.

Unfortunately the arm, BB and tool are shot. I have had some success with a gear puller from Harbor Freight on similar cases - usually a bit quieter than an angle grinder.
You may be able to cut a slot in the crank arm without damaging the BB spindle (though it sounds like you're replacing the BB anyway.) If you cut a slot through one side of the arm, it will usually loosen enough that a tap or two with a hammer will knock it off.

The threads on your crank puller may be fine. If the crank is aluminum, it is much softer than the puller's thread's. You may need to get all the aluminum shavings out of it, but it may not have done any damage to the tool.
some take a ride around the block and it should loosen up or fall off! watch your #@** you could get hurt
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