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When to start riding after an injury
Just over a month ago, I was hit by a car and hurt my knee. I've gradually gained back painless full motion, but I'm wary about when to start riding again. I was thinking I should start up again soon since I can walk without any issues, but yesterday at the supermarket, I squatted down to get some Rice-A-Roni and I felt it. Kneeling and squatting are the only things that hurt, but I don't want to make things worse pushing myself up the hills again.

Anyone have any stories or advice about this kinda thing? My injury was a really swollen, bruised knee that may or may not be accompanied by a bone fracture (the doctor didn't think an X-ray was necessary). I hope I'll eventually be 100% again and not have a bad knee be a thing for me.
Hi Tiger,
Good to hear you are on your feet again. Might I suggest that you seek some advice from those who may have been (or are) in the same situation. I looked up on the search engine of maybe some specialists who can offer free advice. This site is something I looked over (scanned over) and seems to have possibly some suggestion.....
http://forums.physicaltherapist.com/viewtopic.php?t=3346&f=19 . If you do not find what you are looking for simply post your situation and I am sure there will be a few who can give ya great advice. Myself I really can't to which I apologize.
However someone here maybe able to help.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Bicycling is excellent for helping knees heal - BUT you have to go easy, and not push hard. Use lower gears than you normally would, and raise your saddle so that your leg is almost straight at the bottom of the stroke. Cycling provides very low impact, smooth motion which will speed the healing process and help maintain flexibility. A major risk after injury such as yours is reduced flexibility and range of motion.

Take it easy, spin don't push, and get back on your bike as soon as you can.
Hmmm. A problem I have is that I seem to be located on a hill with all roads leading to my place being at least a little bit steep, like Dracula's castle. I can't even go back up the street I go down on a good day because it's crazy steep and I take a long way around a few slightly less steep hills to get home. Maybe I'll just go straight home from the bottom and see if I can handle just the hills on the long way round.
First of all you should ask your doctor, first. My doctor always tells me to do as much as I can as long as it does not hurt.
As per your hill, I do not ride in the street I am fortunate to have lots of bike trails here and a great beach bike path. What I do is load my bike on a bike rack and drive to the trail.

So while you are recovering I suggest you stay on gentle paths.

BTW where are you? What bicycle?
Never Give Up!!!
I live in a secret, undisclosed location. It's been a little nippy out, so I've been more inclined towards indoor chair activities. My doctor only told me to baby my knee and didn't really give me a timeline for healing, just that the first two weeks were important in terms of icing, heating and elevating.

My bike frame is a little too big for me, but it's fine if the seat is pushed all the way down. It's an Ironhorse Maverick 4.5. Got it from Performance Bike a few years ago. Full suspension mountain bike, disc brakes, 26" wheels, 27 speeds. Was thinking about trying a gel saddle before all this happened.

The design on the front tire is different because I had to replace a blowout from running over the bottom part of a broken beer bottle. The right brake lever and the front wheel are new, with the accident busting the old ones. The front brake rotor is also new, since it was cheaper to buy than a wheel that uses a center lock the old wheel used.
That looks like a heavy bike. I note a big difference between riding my road bike and my mountain bike. How did you bend the top tube. :-))

AS per gel seat IMO look for a seat that supports in the right places and has a cut out in the center. I rode a gel seat for a long time and than I got a Terry Liberator from Nashbar and its great. No more numb nuts............
Never Give Up!!!
Riding a stationary bike just a few days after the crash was important for fitness, and more important for his psyche. Returning to the high-stakes environment of a racing peloton after an injury that affects your steering (such as upper body fractures, back injuries or head injuries) is a step-by-step process.your Doctor advice is also important before start your ride.
Well, the recovery process might sound awkward to you, but biking is an effective way to heal your knee completely. For now just give your knees a good rest and after a week try riding for 10 minutes everyday. Hopefully by riding regularly, you'll forget you've a knee injury or pain.
Talk to your doc! I have had several injuries/ illness that have kept me offthe bike at times. Broken back was the longest.(8months) Did no try it again untill the doc said ok. I do agree that you need to spin and not mash for a while as you rebuild the muscles around the knee. Do talk to the doc first! Also as George said take it to some flat land and smooth trails.

The Iron horse is for sure a heavy bike. My friend rides one and it weighs a ton! That being said it has taken some real hard hits and still is going! At the cost of the bike it does work well.
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