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Tube won't accept air?
I still don't have my own air pump. To put air in my tires, I have to go to a friend's house and use her pump. She said I could use it anytime.

So, I went by her house today. Let all the air out of the tire, and reseated the tire a couple times because the bead never got straight (you could more of the bead in some spots than others and sometimes not at all.)

I wanted to avoid a blowout so I just let ALL the air out, de-seated the tire (like if I were going to replace the tube), inspected the inner tube (just for fun), put the inner tube back in, reseated the tire a few times. In between every re-seat I checked for any bulges/tube wanting to come out. I did this a few times until the tire actually wanted to set on there right.

So, I pumped it up. Got to about 5 pounds when tire pump doesn't pump any more air. I try pushing as hard as I can on the pump but it won't move. I didn't know what to think of it, so I just unplugged the pump and moved to the front tire (which also needed some air, but didn't need re-seating as it actually stays on right.) The front tire pumped up fine, but the rear only got to 5 pounds before it wouldn't move.

I checked "everything." I double-checked the tire to make sure no spots were bulging or there were no spots where the bead was seated improperly. Nothing. Everything came back okay.

I'm still scratching my head. I can let air out of the tire, but can't put air IN TO the tire. I really need help.

When I say "pump" above, it's a floor hand-pump.

The bike is a Huffy MTB. It has 26 inch tires. I read somewhere that the tube could be scrunched up in the tire, limiting air flow.

Before one of the re-seats I de-seated the whole tire and made sure the tube was on there right and no kinks.

HOWEVER, there is one last detail I should add. At the valve stem hole, I can't get the Valve Stem part of the tube to go in there right. It seems as if the tube is always wanting to go between the bead and the bottom of the rim and tries to push the bead up. What I mean is the valve stem gets stuck in an awkward position on the inside of the tire (although you could never tell that by just looking at the Valve Stem.) Could this cause this? Tomorrow (or when-ever I have the time) I'll deflate the tire and take photos.
The Edit button isn't being my friend today.......

I should also add that this bike was given to me for free, as the previous owners (my aunt and uncle) never rode the bikes but once or twice. My grandpa used his air compressor to pump it up (bad idea) and he popped the original Kenda tube (the front still has the original Kenda tube.) So we just went to Wal-Mart and bought that Hutchinson tube.

Anyways, the tires (not the tubes) are both original, factory-installed tires. They, of course, don't have a brand or manufacture date on them anywhere. The rear tire (the one with the Hutchinson tube that is giving me problems) is very loose and never wants to seat right. The rear tire (one giving me problems) is so loose I can actually stick my hand into the tire. To de-seat the tire, I don't even need a tire lever or to take the wheel off. I just simply use my hand as the tire lever that tire is so loose.

So IDK if I should spend the money buying a new tire or just keeping this tire. I'm 13 years old (in my last year of middle school), saving up for my first car (hopefully to be a Dodge Ram 1500), and really don't want to waste any money. My parents are probably going to be the ones who buy everything for the road bike tire/wheel project.

I'll admit it... bike tires and wheels HATE me!
take the tube out of the tire. and try pumping it up a bit.

The tire has nothing to do with the problem you are having - it is the tube.

It could be that the valve is stuck; but not likely as you said that it would let the air out.

My method for installing tubes/tires:
* slightly inflate the tube, just enough to hold its shape.
* place tire liner in the tire (I hate flats).
* place the tube in the tire, with the valve 180° degrees from the over lap of the tire liner
* now you have the liner and tube in the tire; line everything up nicely
* put the tire at an angle to the rim, and push the valve stem into the hole, seat the bead of the tire near the valve on one side only.
* work in both directions equally going away from the valve, seating that side of the tire.
* return to the valve area, and seat the other side of the tire, again working in both directions. You may have to let some air out of the tube to do this - but do NOT let all the air out, just enough to do the job. As you get close to the end, you may have to kneed (like making bread) the tire all the way around to get it over the last bit.
Do NOT use any tools; just your hands.

* inflate to 15 to 20 psi, work all the way around the tire on both sides pushing the bead inwards and downwards to seat it properly; and make sure that the tube is not pinched.

* inflate to operating pressure.
Your 13yrs old? Very well written post Smile . If you noticed nigel did not asked for pictures Wink which is a compliment. As above definitely go with Nigel said, there is only one thing I wanted to add. Some Valve stems are picky as in when you put the air pump on them you have to make sure the nozzle of the pump is all the way down on the valve then push the lever to the lock position. Wink . If you get a chance take a couple pictures of your bike put it up on "Show off you bike!" thread. Smile . Welcome to the forum.

Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Sounds like you're not getting the pump far enough on to the valve stem. Try pinching the tire above where the valve comes out as you push on the pump. This should help force the valve out of the hole while you mount the pump.
Out of curiosity how did this turn out?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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