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Shimano 105 FD, Shift Issue

I was riding yesterday and shifted down to the small chainring which made a loud clunk noise, after that, I shifted back it the large chainring but now the FD doesn't seem to move enough to shift back to the small. I released all the tension in the cable and it's not enough to force the chain to the small ring, even with the lower limit right out.

I am guessing I have broken it?

Thanks for any advice
dunno, try to get some pics @ different angles.
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Could be a broken cable stuck in the outer? Try undoing the cable clamp on the FD.

Otherwise, 5600-series 105 shifters have a known fault when used with a double chainring using the lower two index positions (there was only one model used for both double- and triple-CR setups). If there is enough slack to let you get in to the top position (due to incorrect setup or cable stretch), downshifting will then break the mechanism as it tightens the cable slightly before releasing It.
Thanks for the replies.

I haven't yet had a chance to get some decent photos in daylight.

I have tried completely removing the cable from the FD, it still does not come close enough in towards the frame to force the chain onto the smallest chainring unless the chain is on the largest cog of the cassette.

There was a pretty loud noise when I shifted into the smallest chainring, but if I remember correctly I was maybe in 4th or 5th cog (mid position) on the cassette.
You might visually inspect the spring on the FD to make sure it has not snapped. Not a real common issue but it would be loud enough to notice!
Ended up taking it all off, cleaning and greasing it all and now it seems to be OK.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

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