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Chain rivet problem
Hey guys,
My first post on here, haven't ridden my bike in a few years so I wanted to clean it up for this spring. I wanted to remove my chain to degrease it and I removed the rivet completely from the chain(which I know now I'm not supposed to do) How do I get the rivet back in there? If there is no way, is there another way to put the chain back together?

Erm... sorry no. You need a super-expensive production tool thingywotsit to do that, which is what they use in the factories to assemble it in the first place (probably a few hundred thousand dollars and a spare room). My advice is to follow Alex's chain length tutorial and see if you can salvage it from that. If not, new chain unfortunately

To prevent making the same mistake twice you should find that when you first start to use the chain tool it's stiff, then it goes easy, then stiff again. When it starts going stiff again you are near the end of the pin, so be careful (in my experience 6 turns is usually enough, but don't use that as a rule). The most important thing to remember is: Don't rush it!

(A handy tip for next time: you can buy these special chain cleaner things that clamp around your chain and you pour degreaser into the top and turn the cranks, this spreads the degreaser around the chain and means there's no need for a chain tool. Works wonders on REALLY soiled chains as well, but it's easier to use a rag to remove the worst of it first (trust me I do MTB, my chain gets caked in mud really quickly). Below is a link to the expensive Park Tool one. Mine was a cheap one from somewhere else but it does the job well:
This is a removable chain link.

There are various manufacturers of similar devices.
It allows the chain to be removed just by unclipping it. (may need pliers).<br />
Remove the other rivet on your chain to give 2 inner links and then rejoin using the "powerlink".<br />
Do a search for online ordering or ask your local bike shop.
If you have a Shimano chain then you can get special joining rivets but these are a use once only.

You insert the whole rivet (the front bit is mainly a guide) and when in position you brake of the front bit with pliers. You still need a chain tool though.
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