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Buying a bicycle with a possible damaged Derailleur...
This is according to the seller:

"one day i hit the front derailleus and it came out of place, now just 7 of 21 speeds are working, i then tried to fix it by just putting it back in the right place but im not so good with this kind of thing and to go to a bike center they would ask u maybe 15 dollar to fix it"

I am a newbie to repairing or maintaining bicycles, but it seems like something that would cost more than 15 dollars.

Is this seller telling the truth, or will the fix cost a lot more than 15 dollars?
It may be that the existing derailleur just needs moving and adjusting, which shouldn't take long and if it does need replacing, front derailleurs aren't particularly expensive and you can get some very cheap ones, probably for less than $10.00, so $15.00 doesn't sound unreasonable.
Ok, great. Thanks for your help xerxes!

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