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Adjust diacompe dp7
thought I was ok mechanically but stumped here, see pics.
the caliper on the left in the pic is jammed on the rim, no matter what adjustment I make to the cable or the tensioner at the brake lever I can't get it to move back off the rim
when I pull it over to the left more by hand it pulls the right caliper with it, so it can't go too far, just enuf to get pad from being on the rim.
tightening the cable or adjusting at the brake lever seems to just make it pushed harder on the rim.
start by putting the wire spring in place like on the right side of pic, Then true your wheel if it needs it.
and balance pads with the little screw down by the brake boss.
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Is the wheel centred in the fork?
As the previous poster stated, in the picture the wheel is clearly not seated in the forks. Release the quick release skewer and allow the bike to settle onto the axle while you hold the bike vertically. Once you have done this then re-engage the quick release lever. If you don't have a QR then loosen off the axle nuts, allow the axle to seat properly in the dropouts and tighten the nuts again. Your V-Brakes should then work correctly.
thanks very much for the help, guess my mechanical eye needs glasses! the pic clearly shows the bad alignment of the tire on the axle/forks but I never saw it, guess it just worked its way over there after many removals from forks and then re-attach. after removing tire from fork, I basically turned the axle in the hub over to the other side, so now I'm pretty much in the center and brakes work great and can easily be adjusted. new pic shows the better alignment

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