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Bike stalls every few pedals - '86 free spirit
I'm having issues with my bike. I just adopted it from my old neighbor's garage, and just changed the tires. It's a 12-speed 1986 Free Spirit, and in decent condition. I just changed both tires and tubes, since the back one was still original and rotted.

The problem is essentially that the bike it stalling every few pedals. It will go about twenty feet, then it feels like the breaks are pushing down, only on the back pedal. I have checked to make sure the breaks aren't affecting it, and they are not. It's a lot of resistance to push through, and despite the speed, will stop the bike when it gets to this point. I can run the pedals backwards and then try to go forward, but they end up with the same resistance. I have oiled it as well. Changing the gears does nothing either. I barely have the strength to push it out as well, so it is very aggravating.

If you could give me any advice I would be very glad to get this thing riding!
Check and see if the rear wheel has any side play around the axle area, what does the rear wheel do when you lift up the rear wheel and spin it by hand? Does the crank spin freely if you were to take the chain off the chainrings and spin it? check that and get back to us
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I'm not sure what you mean by "side play."
The tire spins fine when I lift it, and the crank moves fine with the chain off.
It sounds like either the brakes are rubbing, the wheel is rubbing on the frame, or one of the bearing races is jamming up. Have you checked the front wheel yet for rubbing or not spinning smoothly? It is possible the wheels would spin ok up in the air but jam when you have weight on them. But I would at least expect a lot of clicking or grinding to come out of the hubs if the bearings are bad enough to stop the bike.
(04-09-2012, 04:25 AM)jordynwebs Wrote:  I'm not sure what you mean by "side play."
The tire spins fine when I lift it, and the crank moves fine with the chain off.

Try to move the tire side to side with respect to the frame. There should be less than 1/32" of side to side play. If there is more, the wheel bearings need to be rebuilt; and worst case the the hub replaced (cheaper to purchase a whole new wheel, which will stiil require bearing adjustment). This applies to both the front and rear wheels.

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