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New Front (and rear?) Derailleur

I'm new to this and would like to know what possibilities there are to exchange my Shimano DEORE LX with a shimano model with more gears. I have trouble climbing the hills since there are only 2 main gears, would therefore prefer three main gears on the front derailleur.

I would appreciate all suggestions and possibilities, it doesnt need to be a shimano but of what I have heard they are the best and I want good quality.

Thanks, Ralph
Derailleurs don't have gears. You are talking about your crankset. Hard to say what will work without a little more information on your bike. You could likely stay within the Deore line and find something.
Burton; What you want to do is possible, and is not going to be inexpensive. To provide realistic suggestions we need to know about your bike, where you are riding, and how sensitive you are to the "expensive = better" crap.

Are you looking for lower gearing for climbing, and keeping the tall gears you have (wider range) or just lower overall?

How many teeth are on the chain rings (front two) you currently have?

How many speeds on the rear? It is a cassette or freewheel?

What shifters do you have?

Are you going to do the work yourself, or pay the labor? If the former, do you have the tools?

It's a Reynolds 531 bike and shimano gears. I'm looking for lower gearing for climbing, keeping the tall gears I have (wider range), not just lower overall since there are hills and straight roads. If I could keep the back gears and just change the front for three instead of two gears only that would be fine.

The teeth and speeds can also be seen on the images attached. I dont know if cassette or freewheel, the shifters will be Shimano. I am looking to order online but someone else to do the maintenance since I dont have the tools.

Thanks for your help.
Any solution?

In the last photo in the front it looks like there is only one gear but there are two.
nice photos, now we need to know what kind of shifters you have and a side shot of your crank. From the pics so far it looks like a road bike with a mountain bike derailleur in the back. Did you buy the bike new?
If you have a friction shifter for the front all you need to do is replace your crank with a triple and bottom bracket
The Shimano Fc-2303 will work nice fitted with a 113mm bottom bracket at Around $100 us dollars
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Thanks for your reply. No I bought the bike second hand.
Here are the remaining photos.

I would appreciate a link to any kind of bike store with the components I would need to buy.
good job again with the pics. I suggest you update your bio so we know where you are from, to better help you locate what you need.
With a dura-ace front derailleur I would imagine the rear had been replaced at sometime. no big deal though if it works keep it.
Now decide how much you are willing to spend on your mods. The Shimano Fc-2303 crankset I showed you will be a nice crank for what you need and can be had on ebay for around $80 US. 30t for the granny gear and 52t for the big ring will give you the range you need.
This crank may be slightly heavier than your double you have now but has the ring spacing you need for your older drive train while being a true road triple ring. It also has replaceable chainrings that you could change to alloy in the future should you desire.
If your bottom bracket it 113mm and is in good shape, use it. If it is not 113mm then you will have to buy one to install with the Fc-2303 triple crank set.
bb one could spend less or more I prefer the carbon -ti version but this one is a nice one
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
You'd also need to get a new front derailleur. You need one made for triple cranks. Make sure to look for one that mounts to a "braze-on" rather than with a clamp. I assume these are available.
Not to pick nits but that Reynolds sticker means it's made from Reynolds tubing, not that it's a Reynolds bike.
Craig Domingue - East Texas Hick
Many thanks for your appreciated help. I am actually located in Switzerland so I'll have to watch out for transport costs. I found this on a swiss website, would this also be ok?

FC-5700: http://www.ricardo.ch/kaufen/sports/radsport/zubehoer-und-ersatzteile/antrieb-und-schaltung/shimano-105-rennrad-fc-5700-2-fach-kurbel-neu/v/an669949238/
If not, what alternative would be suggested under: http://www.ricardo.ch ?

I'll look out for the price conversion but just so that I know what kind of models are available directly in Switzerland, it's a site similar to Ebay.
The one you linked to is only 2 gears, I thought the point was to get to a triple chainring set up?
I found this: http://www.ricardo.ch/kaufen/sports/radsport/zubehoer-und-ersatzteile/antrieb-und-schaltung/kurbel-3-fach-shimano-ultegra/v/an673908852/
But my German's limited so I don't want to give too much advice on what to look for on that site.
Is this for the front derailleur/crankset? Because painkiller mentioned I wouldnt necessarily need to change the rear. Could you please also suggest a link to a bottom bracket (bb) on Ricardo.ch?

I have absolutely no clue as to which parts/models can be used on my bike.
Yes a triple chain ring but for front, with which accessories?
Could someone post me link to all I need from Ricardo website please?

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