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Sprockets insufficiently spaced?
Hey there, just got my bike back from the shop after a broken spoke, went for a quick ride and the 5th and 6th sprocket in the rear cassette were jumping and the chain never gripped. Then noticed that there is no space whatsoever between them. I take it that's not supposed to be the case, as the chain has no space to wrap around the tooth?

Any advice on repairing this?

I've included a few pics, excuse the oily filth!

[Image: 95tq9f.jpg]
[Image: 2pq407n.jpg]
It looks like the spacer between the sprockets is missing, or the shop assembled the sprocket wrong. The space between 6 and seven looks twice as wide as normal. If this is the wheel with the broken spoke that the shop fixed I would take it back to them.

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looks like the last fives gears are on backwards
take it back, cannot believe a shop did that.WoW!
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
1) take it back to the shop.
2) Take a cassette tool, remove lock ring, reassemble the sprockets + spacers in the correct order, tighten the lock ring.

Takes 5 minutes (at max). I didn't know you could put the sprockets (6 and 7) on the cassette upside down but it looks like they managed to do that somehow. Weird. There should be grooves and notches and somesuch on the hub and the sprockets that have to match, otherwise you cannot slide the sprocket on the hub.
Holy cow. Yea guess that's a new way to "lock-out" certain gears lol. Definitely take it back and have them fix it.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I wonder if you happen to be going to the same lbs that I used to. I frequently found maintenance screw-ups, shoddy work, and sometimes work that wasn't done but was paid for that I decided to learn how to do my own work and rely on bike shops that are farther afield for work I can’t do or to use the internet when I need to buy parts. And, I've found this site to be a great place to get information about maintenance/repair procedures.
Cool, thanks all. Most helpful. I've called the shop and they said the tech was a bit 'frazzled' this weekend, ha!

Sparky: I agree, this is a fabulous site for repair procedures, just need to get myself a few tools and I'll be on to it!


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