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Rear derailleur
Hi.<br />
My rear changer will not change from first to second. If i click once nothing happens, second click it will go to third gear. I can then change to second. It changes fine from 8th to first.

Have you tried adjusting the derailleur cable?<br />
Wind the adjuster out on the derailleur a bit ( only a 1/2 turn a time ) and see if that helps.

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i have tightened the cable but this seams to have made it worse. is it possible the dérailleur is worn out?

Check out Alex's guide:<br />
Make sure the derailleur isn't bent / twisted.<br />
It should be vertical as well as inline with the sprockets when viewed from above.
If the derailleur is worn then by getting hold and twisting it would show any wear.<br />
There will always be some play in the unit but not much.

Ride hard or ride home alone!

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