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First project bike
Hi guys/gals

Just started my first project bike, and thought it might be helpful to have a thread for ppl in the same situation. And the story goes, "looong before you time, in the southern province of west africa........" kidding : )

Got my buddy, Max (a GIANT ATX890 MTB) stolen from uni, so i went bike shopping on ebay and found a GIANT XTC II NRS (Full suspension MTB), that had been sitting in a garage for ages. The frame and fork is in really good condition, but the other parts are rusting to pieces. Thought i could work with this and won the bid at AU$560(US$400).

Am currently riding a crappy Kmart bike to uni and thought i would add parts to the NRS1 whenever i found something good on ebay.

Current set-up

Shimano Deore Mega drive train set (9 speed), (brakes, cranks, front derailleur, shifters, etc), Shimano Deore LX Back derailleur, Rock Sox Judy air XC

Was thinking about keeping the rear cassette (still in good condition), getting shimano XTR Front and back derailleurs, Shimano XTR V brakes, Shimano Acera Shifters(coz i like the display better), and this Shimano Ace-dura hollowpoint II cranks (coz i really like the arm almost integrated into the crank idea, and it looks kool.)

1.) But i found out firstly that the ace-dura items are for road bikes : (
2.) And items from different sets might not work well together, though another bike site said its only a myth to maintain brand loyalty.

Wondering if:
1.) It's true that items from different set wont work as well together.
2.) Can 9 and 10 speed items be used interchangeably?

You can mix various components but some won't. You need to keep shifters matched to the cassette. ie 9 speed shifter with 9 speed cassette as the shifters have pull different cable lengths. But any Shimano 9 speed shifter will be O.K.

You can use any derailleur, but if you have a triple chainset and then you should use a "long" cage type. Also with rear derailleurs you need MTB ones ( Lx,XT etc) if your rear large cog is over 27 teeth. Dura Ace is a road set but you could use it, with limitations, on an MTB. You would probably have trouble matching the front derailleur to it?

And the bottom bracket would need changing to match. ( P.S. The teeth on the big chainwheel look worn to me - "hooked"?) Best to stick with the MTB range. I wouldn't change anything until it's worn out.

Another comment - the front derailleur looks to high - it should just clear the large chainwheel by 2mm. It looks to need lowering down nearer the chainset.?

But the bike looks good.
Ride hard or ride home alone!
Thanks: ) yeah. the front derailleur is too rusty to actually even work. waiting for an XTR front derailleur to be available on ebay : P

you mentioned "Also with rear derailleurs you need MTB ones ( Lx,XT etc) if your rear large cog is over 27 teeth." XTR sets are for mountain bikes right? or is it XT-'R' for road bikes: P
How is the project coming along? Can we some updated pics? Are you going to repaint it? or just upgrading?


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