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"Glue" bicycle handlebar grips
question: has the formulation of white rain hairspray changed so it can no longer be used to "glue" bicycle handlebar grips? i've tried several times with varying levels of white rain to secure my handle grips to no avail. i've left the grips to dry for days. no go. this is not rocket science here.

at first, i thought that the hurricane that blew through town made the air too moist to harden. relevant?

i used to work on bikes and done this successfully many times on other folks' rides'. not mine. what am i doing wrong?

last thing tried: wiping the metal and grip w/ rubbing alcohol with the notion that some sort of lubricant (?) made it's way onto the grip. will it finally work? dunno.

is real life glue the way to go? i'm tired of the grips not holding, having to hold onto the brake bosses (they're bolted into place)
quite the picture Jim, welcome to biketutor. I use the same method as one would use to grip a golf club. It holds fast and is race ready for zero failure. however you cannot re-use the grip once applied.plenty of information on how to grip a golf club on the net.
I recommend buying lock-on style grips as they can be used over and over, I prefer the brand called BBB. Great grip for the money
Since your bio has not a location I do know your resources But as they say seek and ye shall find!
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I used the cheapest pump hairspray we could find at the local CVS (¼ mile away). Worked great.....but did get a bit a loose when soaked in a storm, but grip returned when dried out.
Try Ergon grips. They clamp on at the bar-ends and and are extremely comfortable. They make them for both grip and trigger shifters. I have a pair on my hybrid and I can't see riding without them. Nice part is you can change the position of the palm pad at any time without breaking any glue seal.
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i didn't think the picture would be so big, sorry you all

i went ahead and used actual rubber glue to get the grips to stay put.

i used white rain in heavy amounts and light amounts. both sort of held a little at first, but nothing over the span of days.

perhaps it's just too humid in this town (richmond, va) for the hairspray to dry. i think glue will do, i (and we all) will see.

funny, it worked fine in wet, wet, wet key west, fla, but not in rva. maybe since the grips are not new, there was a problem, dunno
well, glue works. the grips stay put, finally.

hey, what can i say? it's an old commuter and i'm poor. the blue is rocky squirrel.
I like the cheap hairspray angle.

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