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Gary Fisher Tassajara 1998
A mighty howdy to everyone who's taking their time to read this post. About a year ago I posted here asking for a bike identification, because I had a hard time finding any info on my bicycle. But thankfully, a member named xerxes gave me an useful site called retrobike where I found the info I needed. Anyhow... This specific bicycle was found in Sweden in a middle of a field and it looked like it was left there quite a long time ago (had rust everywhere and the front wheel was destroyed) So I took my time to make this bike as good as it can bee. (with a certain amount of money which I was able to spend) Here is a picture what it looked like about a month ago (the picture is really a year old, but I hadn't changed anything since it was taken)


About a month ago I decided that this bicycle needs a new paint job and started cleaning the frame and fork. I was convinced that it will stay black, but when I was taking the parts to a friend I thought to myself that I own two bicycles, one which is a rugged mountain bike and this one. So I decided to paint it white and turn it into a city bike for my daily commutes to the university. As my friend owns a powder coating company I only cleaned the frame and left the painting to him.

This is how the bike looks now. It might have some dirt on it because I already did 200+ miles on it.

The only thing i changed from the original build is the new rims WTB DX23 (which was a huge mistake, I true these rims atleast once a month and their weak as hell. Not worth the money I payd, could have bought something much better) and tires. Schwalbe speed cruiser at the front and Schwalbe road cruiser (Yeah, I know the front tire is different from the rear one, going to change the front one to a road cruiser in the near future)

Best regards,

p.s. sorry for links to the pictures
p.p.s sorry for the wrecked English skills
Nice fix up Paulius. Always good to see a throw away brought back to life!
Excellent job on the rebuild.
HCFR Cycling Team
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