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Fitting new shifter to handlebars
Hi all.

I feel daft asking this, but I suppose as they say "there's no stupid questions"!

I have bought a new set of Shimano TX50 gear shifters for my aging Raleigh Pioneer. A quick web search of that code will show you the ones I mean.

I took the old one off - the steel bracket slid over and off the handlebar with a bit of help. But I'm not sure how I put the new shifter on. The circular steel bracket is very tight, and won't easily open up without a lot of force. The instructions that came with the shifter specifically say "don't force the clamp open" as it may well damage the plastic casing.

How do I attach the shifter? There's no narrow point on the handlebars where it will slide on easily, and the end is blocked first by the brake levers, and then by the handlebar grip which is securely moulded on.

Advice appreciated! (Let me know if you need photos and I'll try).
Grips + brake levers need to be removed first. Grips can be (usually) removed by making them really wet, trying to get them off with compressed air or some other method. There has been a thread about that about a week ago or so.
Wow, nothing's ever easy is it? Wish I'd known that before I took the old shifter off...

Use a flat blade screwdriver as a wedge. Place your shifter on the bar then push the screwdriver from the side with the bolt out and torque just a bit. It does not take much. It will go on fine.
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