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Specialized Crank Issues
Hi all,

Looking for some advice...

I have managed to shred the thread of my right crank arm. I have a 2011 Specialized Hard Rock with an SR Suntour Square Taper Spline set.

I am looking to purchase a new chainset but am struggling to work out what would be compatible. I don't really want to get like for like as the Suntour has only last 6 months.

I am thinking this would be compatible -
Shimano Alivio Chainset Square Taper M410 -
but any other suggestions would be most welcome.


It looks as though it would be fine as long as it is geared the way you like.If you were thinking about changing the gearing sounds like this is the time to do that.what rear cluster do you have?

the Alivio crankset looks like an I.G.style chain compatible. so it may have a different feel to the bike but you will get used to it. Not knowing what thread you shred just assuming you mean the pedal. it could have been damaged when it was assembled ,who knows. just remember to check and tighten your bolts now and again and better luck with your new one
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