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Noise, like sharpening a knife, needle on a record?
Sounds like something needs lube/grease, but I can't figure out where. I have a Lemond Tourmelet, WSD 10 yrs old, ride about 1,000+ each summer. I keep it clean and lubed and get it tuned up about every 3 years. So far I've just needed to get the headset re-packed.

The noise is there off and on, very faint seems like it's coming from the front, it is there regardless of speed and even if I'm not pedaling. It doesn't seem to slow me down at all. I got caught in some rain last week and thought I just needed to clean the chain, but it's still there. Wondering of it could be front hub needing grease or bearings, if so I don't have those tools. Basically if it is beyond a good bike tool I will have to go to the LBS. I'd like to go in (if it comes to that) with a place for them to start.

Hi ahess welcome to the list. Nice bike.

Greasing hubs , bottom bracket (crank), chain, and head bearings is regular maintenance item. If it was not done for a while it should be done if you like the bike.

As per rubbing spin the wheels to see if anything is rubbing, perhaps the brake pads, or as you say grease needed in hub. If you do not have a way to hold the bike just turn it upside down maybe put some blocks under the handlebar if the brakes are in the way.

Where are you BTW, we got folks all over he world, always nice to know.
Never Give Up!!!
Hi ahess;

welcome aboard. George has hit it spot on.

Lift up the front of the bike, spin the wheel. Should be very quiet - air rushing passed the spokes and tire tread should be the only noise you hear. It should spin easily, not coming to rest for many revolutions, and when it stops, it should oscillate back and forth a few times.

Repeat at the back, this time you'll hear the freehub/freewheel clicking too.

You may want to pick up a set of cone wrenches:
to be able to adjust and maintain your wheel bearings.
Alex also had a nice way to listen for mystery noises in the bearings. Lift the wheel off the floor and spin it and put your ear against the nose of the saddle. Noise travels along frame and you can hear all the sounds of the tormented bearings... you can ask somebody to help you with the rear wheel, that person has to lift the chain from the rear sprockets so that the freewheel spins.

But mystery noises are hard to pin down, it took me a long time to pin down the ones on my bike.
You might like to take a look at the hubs, overhauling a cup and cone hub is not difficult, it just needs some patience and a lot of grease, degreaser and rags (and I like using thin latex gloves, hands stay clean that way). It should be done every couple of 1000 km, more often when you ride in the rain. Make sure you have cup and cone bearings in the hub before you try taking them apart (most should, but you never know).

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