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Super Record Chain Crack Noise
I purchased a super record group set with 11 speed. From day one (6 weeks now)riding i get a cracking noise from the either the chain sticking somehow or the noise may be coming from the bottom bracket. This noise does not happen all the time it tends to happen at the top of climbs, after working under big chain ring in mid range rear gears once i slow down and then start spinning you get a noise as if the chain is cracking or cracking in the bottom bracket. The rear jockey wheels are well lubed along with the chain. This noise is not happening all the time about 5 times over 60klm rides. How critical is it my local bike shop used the correct tolls when installing the Super record chain, I have not checked with them yet to see if they did. Could missing wave washers cause this noise through the crank, the bottom crank feels snug with no sideways movement.I read in a article about the Campag Hollow Tech 11speed chain set has a inherent fault like the noise due to the teeth not quite meshing properly?
The bottom bracket is installed in a Cyfac carbon frame standard 63mm width. The amount of money spent i would not be expecting this type of noise.
Any suggestions much appreciated.

Is the bike Carbon Fiber?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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