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Raising handlebars
Hi folks... i need to raise my handlebars slightly. its a threaded headset... there is one large nut in the middle of the headset. once i loosen it i should then be able to raise handlebars... is this correct, thank you forum
yes; more or less.

If you have a quill stem (aka threaded), the follow applies:

loosen the bolt so that it sticks up about 1/8". Then put a wood block on top of the bolt, and gently hammer it back down. The handle bars should now move freely. If not, repeat. Do NOT hammer the bolt directly with a metal hammer.

Once they are loose, pull them all the way out, and find the line that shows the minimum engagement needed for safety. If you are already at the line, you will need to purchase a new quill stem to be able to raise the bars any further.

If you have a threadless; do NOT do the above. Take a look at the "How to Adjust a Threadless Headset" video above.
Thank you for that...will try it today

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