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Buying components on Ebay
I was looking on Ebay at their Shimano Deore LX components, and i noticed that everything is significantly cheaper, even for "brand new" components. I guess what I'am asking is for anyones experiences, good and bad from purchasing off of Ebay. What should I look out for and so on. Thanks guys

Been a member on eBay for many years. Thing you have to watch out for is the shipping charges. They sometimes are over inflated to make up for the profit on the sale side. However, IMO, not all items should be purchased onine. I personally wouldn't buy any bicycle parts from eBay or anyone else online. If you had to return it, there is a hassle, whereas if you purchase locally, much easier/simpler to return it to them. Just my opinion, hope it helped some.

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I have purchased many new Shimano components off Ebay. If the shipping is over inflated I don't buy it. Too many on there with decent shipping prices. You just have to look. My bike is doing fine with these new parts.

Make sure you truly understand what you are buying. Ask the seller questions if you need to clarify something. Check prices against on-line shops and as Oldman says watch out for the postal charges.

Set a limit on what you will pay and don't be tempted to go above, especially for used components. There is some protection if you use "Paypal" for payments and if an article is described as "new" , then it has to be new under Ebay rules.

I don't know which country you are in but in the U.K. we have laws about buying through the post. If the item is from an online shop (which some Ebay places are) then these laws apply. If it's from a "private" seller then they don't.
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yeah i recently bought some parts on ebay for a good price. I asked the seller several questions and It turned out that this seller in particular was a sponsored rider and had to switch out specific parts on any new bike he bought because his team was sponsored and they were given the brand components to use in their place. So he just sells what ever he has to take off.

I don't like Ebay at all I got burn good one time. And thats all it took for me to never buy there again. Too many good places to buy from on line or at your LBS.
I've had good results buying stuff on ebay, I find a lot of bike shops get rid of new old stock on there so if your not after the latest and greatest you can get some awesome deals.

Just read feedback carefully and look at the sellers old history, you can usually judge what they are like by the kind of stuff they sell.

I also find a good google search can throw up cheaper prices then my local bike shop.
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