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Totally New To All of This - Chain - Gear problem
Hello everyone
I would be grateful for any advice on the problem i have with my bike. Sometimes when I try to change gears, it just doesn't at all, and other times there is a delay, then it might change all of a sudden, other times it just doesn't feel right, and it makes a weird clucking noise, and in some gears its perfectly fine!
What is causing this and how do i go about fixing it... is it a big job ? Basically I want an idea of how big a job so i don't get ripped off (being a girlie) when i go to the bike shop!
Thanks to anyone who replies! :o)

Well... It could be any one of a number of things. Firstly, what type of bike and gear system do you have? If it's a derailleur system it may be out of adjustment. As far as sometimes shifting and sometimes not, that could be related to the amount of pressure you're applying to the pedals when you shift. Basically you need to be spinning the pedals as you shift, but not pedaling hard. I.E. going uphill or accelerating on the flats. The "clucking" noise is also probably related to the need for adjustment. Have you checked out any of Alex's videos on derailleur maintenance? They're very good.

Hi Binzer,<br />
I dont know if its a derailleur system because I don´t know what that means, what they look like or what the alternatives are....<br />
As for my bike, its a GT palomar. It´s about 5 years old, and it´s only now that I am actually taking an interest in how to care for it! (i am embarresed to admit!)<br />
Saying that. it´s not had a lot of use! I´ve wanted to know how to maintain in but had no one to show me, so it´s great that i´ve found this website!

Hello Claire,<br />
You've come to the right place for help then, this is a great site, lots of helpful people and tips. Why don't you start with these two videos and see if either one proves helpful.<br /><br />

Bueno!! thanks, i will take a look at both vid´s and see how it goes ....<br />
thanks for your help :o) ciao ciao

You're most welcome.<br />
Once you've familiarized yourself with the gearing system then we can see if we can get to the bottom of your problem.

Hi Claire,
I think you have a 21-speed with rear derailleur on seven speed cassette (check on google). I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the SRAM MRX shifters I think you may also have, however this clunking noise you refer to is often caused by the rear-derailleur indexing being mal-adjusted… Check out the adjustment video…
On the other hand, you say there is a delay on changing gears. Is this from low (large rear sprocket) to higher (smaller rear sprocket)? If so I’d suspect (first) your gear cable lubrication and (second) the rear derailleur functionality (or return spring strength – might just need a clean).
Either way I do not think it is going to be an expensive job to fix – let us know how you get on…


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