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My Giants.
Since I just joined this forum, I guess that I should show my rides. Both bikes are 2010 model Giants. The hybrid is the Cypress model and is my cardio workout bike. I ride it almost every day and do a good 15 to 20 mile ride at an average speed of 17 mph. So far, the only thing I have changed is the saddle. I intend to change the pedals in the next week or so to Shimano M-520 clipless, since I have them on the road bike. Its an aluminum frame and weighs around 28 lbs.


The road bike is the Defy 2 model and I use it on my weekend and distance rides. It weighs in at 18 lbs. without the attachments (mirror, bag, computer, etc.). This bike is suppose to have all Shimano Tiagra components on the drive train, but I guess they ran out and used some Sora components instead. I plan on doing a Cross Florida ride later this year and hope to upgrade the drive train to the 105's or Ultegras.


The bike stand is from Home Depot (total cost is around $7.00 USD) and works great for getting the bike ready for a ride. Took about 20 minutes to make. I also have a PVC 3 bike rack for the truck that cost around $25.00 to make. I got the plans from the internet and had do do some modifications to it in order to get my wife's recumbent trike to fit the rack.
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Hey JohnV! Giant makes some very fine rides and you have two. Lucky dog!
That Defy is a beautiful bike. Can I take her for a spin?
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(01-02-2011, 12:35 PM)RobAR Wrote:  Hey JohnV! Giant makes some very fine rides and you have two. Lucky dog!
That Defy is a beautiful bike. Can I take her for a spin?

hey its not fair that one person should own 2 bikes like that. Interesting seat stays on the Defy.
Hi JohnV
Welcome abroad. Nice bikes.

Nice bike stand. I hang my bikes from rafters, but a stand may come handy. Thats one of the most useful pvc things I have seen. Cool.

I got a 1985 Fuji del Rey RB that I restored and I do not have the heart to put a side stand on it. Sure makes stopping on road challenging. Always need a lamp post.

BTW do you use a heart rate monitor for cardio? Very useful. There is a review in current Consumers Report.
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Thanks for the compliments. The bikes were actually my wife's fault. Last October, she bought me a Giant Sedona for my 64th birthday so I would get off the couch and exercise as my doctor ordered. I started riding it and instantly got hooked, but we had a very cold winter for Florida and I didn't get to ride it much. When it started to warm up, I started riding more and longer and decided that the steel frame Sedona wasn't going to cut it as it was like riding a tank. I gave the Sedona to my brother and bought the Cypress thinking that it would hold up pretty good against the road bikes that I do my Saturday rides with. After I kept getting left behind, I got the Defy. I was looking for a full carbon bike but jumped on the Defy when my LBS had it on closeout for a really great price that I couldn't refuse. Sure glad that I did. Both are actually very good bikes and I can't really say anything bad about either of them. My wife has absolutely no idea what she started.


The bike stand is nice and works well for $7.00 and beats the crap out of those costing over $35.00. It's 3/4" PVC and is screwed together rather than glued so that I can change the parts to different lengths if I need to. I keep it in the truck so that I always have it with me when I start and end my rides, but like you, a lamp post or tree will have to do when stopping during the ride. I don't have a heart rate monitor yet, but I do plan on getting one in the near future. I was thinking of one that works on a wrist watch rather than one on a bike computer. I have already went through two computers on the Defy already; the first a Sigma BC-509 and the second a Cateye Strada Cadence for use with the trainer. The 509 is now on the hybrid.
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Yes the wrist type heart monitor using a chest strap sender is great. You can use it in other sports.

I just strap mine on my handlebars when I ride, can see it and keep hands on bars. My pace is the same so I just wear it once in a while to make sure I am in the zone.

Pick up Feb 2011 Consumer Reports for review. I got the Polar FT1 its accurate and I do not need lots of functions. Although some new models from Timex and Omron look good.
Never Give Up!!!
Thanks George, I'll check out the Polar FT1. I looked at some of the Timex monitors and some of the Mavic monitors but really don't want to spend all that money on one if I don't have to. I too, don't need all the functions they have and will most likely not use them. There is an Ironman bike shop not too far from me and they have a wide variety of HR monitors but I just need to get down there and see what they have. Not sure if they have the Polar as they don't list all of their products on their web site.
HCFR Cycling Team
Ride Safe...Ride Hard...Ride Daily
Nice rides bro! I like the PVC stand you made, might make one of those myself. Could come in handy sometimes
Very nice rides Smile !
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

a PVC Bike Stand!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
I guess I did miss your homemade bike stand to which I apologize Sad , can you post a thread on how you made it? Also post a thread on your 3 bike modified rack for your vehicle ? Big Grin .

Thanks in advanced,
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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