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Replace cup and cone BB?
i have a trek hardtail mountain bike, serial number 295828. after spending some time on i think that is a 1987 model, but i'm still not sure what model. here's the problem i'm having.

i took into the bike co-op a few weeks ago because the bottom bracket was making horrible squeaking noises that turned to grinding noises. so i began to overhaul the BB and found that one of the bearing cups was rusted to pieces. so i replaced and packed it with grease and all that, and a few weeks later (i ride about 50 miles a week) the bottom bracket was beginning to squeak again. i suspect that rubber seal around the crank is less than watertight and that causes the problem. however, the spindle in the BB is also pitted, so i suspect that the best course of action would to replace the whole BB.

my question is, if i do need to replace it, how can i find out what size/model the BB is, and where can i order a new one? the current one has an inscription that says 1.37"x24T.
Just got to a bicycle shop have them to look at it and they can order the part you need they may even have it in stock.Should not cost to much for them to look at it.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
A few things you can measure yourself. BB shell length. Thread type and pitch of the shell. Yours is English thread 1.37x 24Threads Per Inch. The length of the old BB axle, end to end. What the old crank arms can fit what type of BB axle(square taper, Giga, Octalink, ISIS...).

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