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My Fuji Roubaix
Here is my Fuji, this thing is a beast!!

[Image: DSCF1733.jpg]
NICE BIKE!! VERY CLEAN... red tape, nice touch

I have been a mountain bike man (TREK) for years. I don't ride in dirt anymore (Urban Assault Style). Looking to cross over to fixed gear (in transition).

Great post
That looks like a fun bike! I like the white cables.
Yes very nice bike!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
very nice m8 .... did consider one of these before i bought my boardman team

Boardman Team Road/Race Bike

Felt 620 MTB

Yeah I funnily enough considered a boardman team Tongue I went for mine becuase I thought it would be something a bit different Smile
lol . Wink

Boardman Team Road/Race Bike

Felt 620 MTB


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